Meet Our Team

We work every day to bring accessible and sustainable plant-based products to houseplant and gardening enthusiasts.

Josh Aliber believes in growing businesses that “do well by doing good.” He believes that we as individuals have a responsibility to leave this planet better than we found it.

His passion for purpose-driven business stems from early travels to Latin America where he observed the consequences of industrial agriculture. Josh has continued to travel intermittently to Latin America for the past 15 years in part to better understand food and agriculture systems.

Josh brings to Phyll a multidisciplinary background in food and agriculture. He was an early team member of Square Roots - an indoor farming company in Brooklyn, New York. There, he participated in the company’s 1st entrepreneur residence program, starting a small business selling herbs to retail stores and restaurants in New York City. He subsequently led the company’s plant r&d program and was an integral member of the team responsible for building the company’s 1st indoor container farm. Josh currently works full-time for Ocean Spray Cranberry in their innovation department where he leads cross-functional teams developing new brands and products for the food and beverage industry.

He founded Phyll in 2019 to create accessible, sustainable solutions for home gardening and indoor houseplants.

Miguel Martinez firmly believes in leaning into his heart to unleash his potential - as a designer, creative facilitator, storyteller and man on earth - in order to address long standing climate issues and drive real, enduring positive change. He also believes that nature is our path to understanding ourselves, so we can trust our role in this world.  

With a career in design and branding that spans almost two decades, a large part of his work has been spent applying story-driven design to craft meaningful and surprising brand experiences for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Miguel is intentional in using his "powers" for good, working with clients seeking to make a difference. As an educator, he has taught courses on socially conscious design, challenging students to seek out everyday social problems and solve them through design. In his own educational journey, his graduate thesis - titled Rethinking the Happy Meal: Educating Children on Sustainability Through Design - he sought to answer the question “can design activism revitalize McDonald’s tarnished reputation by educating and inspiring children to embrace sustainable practices?”.

As co-founder of Phyll, Miguel brings a multidisciplinary background fueled by curiosity and a desire to see his child live on a healthier planet. For him, Phyll represents a dream job - one where collaboration, imagination, and entrepreneurial spirit come together to reveal the magic of sustainability.